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Welcome to the Curdridge School Association (CSA), an organisation run by parents and Guardians of the children at Curdridge Primary School with the support of Mrs Wood and her team. Our purpose is twofold, firstly to raise extra funds for the benefit of the children and secondly to run events that children from the school of all ages can enjoy. In the last school year as a committee we managed to raise £6,194. This fantastic amount provided much needed tech replacements in the IT suite, help with school trips, a theatre company visit, playground dens, the ‘chill-out zone’ on the middle playground and more for pupils. With many events already being planned for this year, we look forward to raising even more with your continued support.

The committee is run by parents and guardians right across the school, and as well as being rewarding seeing the results of what we do, and the pleasure the children gain from the events, it’s a great way of meeting and socialising with other parents who you might not otherwise come across. We are always looking for much needed support and new ideas, and we would urge those both new and old to the school to see if you can spare a few occasional hours to help. We do appreciate that being part of the committee is not for everyone, and so if you do not feel being on the committee is for you, we are always in need of support to man stalls at the Christmas and Summer Fairs, or to help at any of our events. They are always good fun and combined with the knowledge that you are helping the school and your child in a very worthy way.

Sparing a few occasional hours is not the only way to help, supporting our events and initiatives is vital in making them a success, so whether it is coming along to the next event, buying ice lollies or tuck shop items in the playground, or making your Amazon purchases via the Giving Machine Website, it all adds up.

Thank you to everyone for all the support you have given in the past, and we very much look forward to continuing all of the good work that has previously been done by the CSA.

Lisa Denyer


Contributions made possible by you

CSA has been able to donate thousands of pounds to the school for numerous projects over the years. This has only been possible down to the incredibly generous contributions and support by pupil's family and friends alike.

Supported Projects

  • Playground climbing area
  • Enhancements to the School library
  • Contribution to the new technology
  • Contribution to leavers' treat
  • Musical instruments
  • School sports kits
  • New fencing, benches and games in the playground

Your continued support is needed

Without your support none of this would be possible so the school, parents, the CSA and, of course, the children would be very grateful if you could give a little of your time to continue supporting CSA events.

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